Thursday, October 26, 2006

2006 Ballot Propositions for Arizona

Every two years it seems we get a whole bunch of ballot propositions to vote against. I would say a new set but it seems like we always get the Recommendation from teh commision on salaries for elected state officials asking for a 50% raise. For some reason that one never passes. I wish someone would do that for me. Oh, wait, no I don't. I wish someone would recommend a small, reasonable raise for me because that would actually be accepted.

OK, if you saw this in the first few days it was up, good for you. But I'm changing how I'm doing this. I'm just gonna give the number, name and how I'm voting for all 19. Then I'm gonna add comments on the ones I have good comments on. I'd like that to, eventually, cover them all but since there's only just over a week until the election I doubt that's gonna happen. This is mainly for my own purposes, anyway, so that I know how I'm gonna vote.

The 100s- The first 8 all include ammendments to the Arizona Constitution.

  • Prop 100 - Relating to bailable offenses
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 101 - Relating to property tax levies
    • I'm voting YES

  • Prop 102 - Relating to standing in civil actions
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 103 - Relating to English as the official language
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 104 - Relating to municipal debt
    • I'm voting NO. Well, I'm leaning that way, at least.

  • Prop 105 - Relating to state trust land
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 106 - Relating to state trust land
    • I'm voting... well, I don't know but I'm leaning towards NO

  • Prop 107 - Relating to marriage
    • I'm voting NO

    The 200s- The next 8 are initiative petitions

  • Prop 200 - Relating to voter rewards
    • This establishes a $1,000,000 prize to be awarded to a randomly selected person that voted. The first (and only) FOR argument found in the link above is priceless.
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 201 - Relating to smoking
    • "Proposition 201 would prohibit smoking in all public places and places of employment, except as provided by the proposition.... Proposition 201 would not prohibit or repeal more restrictive city, town or county law"
    • The exceptions: Retail tobacco stores that are physically separated and independently ventilated, Veterans and fraternal clubs when they are not open to the public, Hotel rooms designated as smoking rooms, Outdoor patios.
    • See the similar Prop 206 below for more.
    • I'm voting... well, I don't know. Maybe no?

  • Prop 202 - Relating to minimum wage
    • I don't hate the minimum wage but I don't see a reason for increasing it over 30%.
    • This prop also sets up a cost of living increase every January 1... which is something I could get behind. [Edit: See next newer post... OR wait a minute this is a bad idea.]
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 203 - Relating to early childhood education
    • Funding early childhood education is good, right? Funding early childhood education by increasing the tax on a pack of smokes from $1.18 to $1.98 is ridiculous. It's not that I smoke, it's more that I find picking on legal addicts to be, well, childish.
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 204 - Relating to farm animals
    • From the above link: "Beginning January 1, 2013, Proposition 204 would amend the Arizona criminal code to make it a class 1 misdemeanor to tether or confine a pig during pregnancy or a calf raised for veal on a farm for all or the majority of a day in a manner that prevents the animal from lying down and fully extending its limbs or turning around freely." There are also exceptions (such as during transportation, slaughter or lawful scientific or agricultural research.)
    • The arguments for and against section is one of those interesting bits of American election fun that you can't get elsewhere. Reading silly comments online isn't quite the same thing; these folks are trying to be serious.
    • Here is the structure of most every AGAINST argument " It's a sad day when out-of-state , anti-meat , anti-science based interest groups can come to Arizona from back East to push their cruel and inhumane agenda on Arizona's farm families. They paid petition signature gatherers to spread false-hoods and distort modern, humane and science-based agricultural practices."
    • The AGAINST arguments don't explain why pregnant pigs need to be tightly confined; it's all "you can't tell me what to do!" nonsense.
    • I'm voting YES.

  • Prop 205 - Relating to voting by mail
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 206 - Relating to smoking
    • Prop 206 does much the same as 201 but has an additional exception - Bars, including parts of restaurants, hotels and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages and are physically separated with a separate ventilation system - and would "would preempt all city, town and county laws relating to smoking in bars and retail tobacco stores"
    • Also I need to google "Arizona Non-Smoker Protection Committee" because they paid for pretty much every FOR argument you see. That sort of thing disturbs me.
    • I'm voting... well, I don't know. Maybe no?

  • Prop 207 - Relating to eminent domain
    • I'm voting NO

    The 300s- The final 3 are recommendations from some government agency or group or who knows what.

  • Prop 300 - Relating to public program eligibility
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 301 - Relating to probation for methamphetamine offenses
    • I'm voting NO

  • Prop 302 - Relating to legislators' salaries
    • Again, give me a choice for rasing salaries from $24,000 to say $27,000 or a plan for slowly raising salaries to $36,000 over a 10-20 year period and I'll vote yes.
    • I'm voting NO


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