Sunday, May 08, 2005

At Crystal Palace

Inspired by a recent New York Times Op-ed piece The Latest Rumblings in the Blogosphere: Questions About Ethics - linked to in this post at Assymetrical Information - I have added an errata block to the top right portion of the mainpage.

As my countless errors pile up you, the reader, can attempt to keep track of them with the aid of that space.

I regret that I have but one top right corner to devote to errata to give to the reforming of the blogosphere.

UPDATE: I've found (after looking a little bit) more reaction to that Op-ed piece - at Althouse, and she links to (among others) this piece at Ideoblog which actually speaks positively about a code of ethics, plus a comment (and more links) at Instapundit, then there's this post at Swing State Project which has 22 links to comments on the piece - but I've yet to come across anyone else putting up an errata section or a related change. Suckers! I'm going to be respected and powerful!


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