Sunday, April 24, 2005

Native Son

Did this novel actually take me three weeks? It seems like it went quicker than that.

Book One started slow but was fantastic. It set up the other two books beautifully... slowly, meticulously... and without the reader (or me, at least) comprehending what was going on. Again the first 50 pages went a little slow but they were necessary - and the last 60 pages raced by.

Book Two was about as good but twice as long. Book Three was fine; my only comment being that extended courtroom scenes were work much better on the printed page than the projected scene... though in both forms they should generally be avoided.

This is the 10th book I've finished this year. I started with 40 books in the cue (and 1 being read); I currently have 47 books to go. This means I've bought 17 books despite trying to buy almost none.

Further details can be seen at the original post (on this blog, at least.)


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