Friday, April 15, 2005

I don't know...can you swing a sack of door knobs?

This letter to the editor suggests why this guy had better not get off. [I have edited out the guy's name from the quotes I took.]
Deputies who arrested ... on Sunday reported that he used his car to block the suspected immigrants from leaving the rest stop and ordered them to exit the vehicle and get onto the ground. Deputies said ... "ordered" another driver to help him and gave the driver a second gun to hold on the immigrants while he called police.
Sheriff's deupties arrived... and arrested him.

He apparently is not affiliated with the Minutemen - see here, here, here and so on - who aren't happy about the bad publicity for vigilantes (though don't call them that!)

The Arizona Republic has printed several letters to the editor [sorry, no archive, so no links] calling him a hero and saying that this is what we need to do because the government won't do anything... and now they have an opinon piece to counter that idea.
How different this story would look if it had turned violent. We might be dealing with international repercussions if any of the Mexicans had been hurt. Or bloodshed if ... had happened upon drug smugglers or desperate coyotes, ready to fight over their human cargo.
The worst part is that if he is let go [as various folks have suggested] then this scene is going to be repeated... not just along barren highways but in the city with a varying cast of characters. If it goes on enough then people are going to get hit. The vigilantes - the Army reservists (like this guy) and those who own a gun but've never fired it at a living thing - will get shot. Those attacked - illegal aliens, non-white citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time - will get shot. Bystanders, cars driving down the road and area business will also get shot.


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