Sunday, April 03, 2005


D'oh. Rhapsody used to have The Homosexual's Record but they have apparently lost the rights. It is great stuff, early post-punk.

Part of me says that this means that I should move the albums by the Homosexuals up on my To Buy list... but I don't want to encourage artists (or whoever owns the rights) to remove their material from Rhapsody. (I understand that the correlation may not be made... but it still bothers me.)

I have not had Rhapsody for that long but thus far is has kept me from buying CDs more than it has inspired me to buy more. I haven't gotten Push the Button, the Beekeeper or Human After All - all from artists from whom I have bought CDs on their release date without having heard anything. The Chemical Brothers, however, have been getting a little tame (but still good) and I have barely even listened to Scarlet's Walk. I'll be getting the Daft Punk, though, eventually. I figure.

I have also heard Picaresque by the Decemberists... but have been unable to aquire the CD locally. Zia was sold out last I checked. The reason I've waited on this one isn't that I didn't expect it to be good (their first two albums are fantastic, Her Majesty was my #1 for 2003) but because I'm trying to avoid going to CD shops because I have repeatedly demonstrated the fact that I lack the ability to avoid buying CDs once I get there.

D'oh. I have gotten distracted. I was getting ready to go for a bike ride and I decided to play some music while I got my shoes on and such. I set Rhapsody to play the Homosexuals but that didn't work which spawned this post. And now the post is giving off bad impressions of the usefulness of Rhapsody for both the artist and the listener.

Beyond not buying newly released CDs Rhapsody has also helped convince me to see the Futureheads and allowed me to hear Aberdeen, Absinthe Blind (leading me to buy Rings, which I had been putting off for some time because I hadn't heard more than two songs by them), Alban Berg (I don't like how they alphabetize by first name), Alex Chilton, Ambulance LTD, Anton Webern, Antonin Dvorak, Arab Strab, Arnold Schoenberg, Ash, Atmosphere, Autechre (bought Tri Repetae++) and Autolux (went and saw them open for Ambulance LTD, bought their CD)... and that's just the A artists to which I have had a good chance to listen.


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