Wednesday, April 13, 2005

10 days

When I started this I expected to be lax on posting... but not quite this lax. I tend to find myself a little boring... or, rather, I tend to expect that others will find the things that interest me to be boring. (This has not, however, stopped me from posting thus far...) Occasionally I think of something that I should write about but then later, when I get the chance to do so, it doesn't strike me as interesting anymore. Oh well.

OK. I last posted Sunday, April 3rd. That day I painted for only the second time in my current house (been here since July 2004.) I finished (for now, at least, it didn't turn out well) a larger canvas that I started back in the old house and started and finished a 10" x 14" canvas for a friend. I used a lot of paint on the canvas; it is currently drying (well, no, oil doesn't dry, but I forget what word I'm looking for.)

Let's see, I went to no shows last week. I did pick up my Trooper; it ended up just getting a tune-up and oil change.

I also renewed my Phoenix Symphony half-season ticket package. I have Classics A8 on Thursdays [sorry, the link is for a pdf of the whole booklet]; highlights include Sibelius' 1st Symphony, a concert with both Mendelssohn's 4th Symphony and Brahm's 2nd Piano Concerto, John Adams' Violin Concerto and Beethoven's 9th.

There are two concerts in the other half-season I really want to attend, a Mahler 1st in May - which should be no problem - and a Vaughan Williams 4th in March... which will be more of an issue.

The problem with the RVW is that that symphony is considered filler for Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto. PSO has a ticket exchange for subscribers where you can trade in tickets you don't want to get other shows (or additional tickets for a show you already are getting) but this March concert is one of the restricted dates - along with one with the 9th of Ludwig van - so I'm out of luck. I wouldn't even be able to trade the restricted date I have tickets for the one I don't.

Anyway Saturday the 9th I worked from 9am to 5pm. I had a hard time getting up early but it was nice going home that much earlier than normal. Lunch with friends (who are normally at their own jobs during the day) was a nice change too.

Somewhere in there I did my federal taxes; I did my state taxes last night. I'm happy, I owe money. I can understand being happy when the refund arrives but I can't understand wanting it that way. I'd rather have various governments give me the interest free loans, thank you.

Tomorrow night the 7th Phoenix Symphony Concert of my half-season ticket package (the Tchaikovsky concert over Thanksgiving weekend was seperate.) For 2004-2005 they only did 15 classics concerts so for one half-season you got 7 nights plus a voucher. I used the voucher for the show tomorrow with Sibelius, Shostakovich and Mussorgsky. After that there's only one left (for me.)

See, there we go. A nice, long disjointed post about uniteresting things. Whew.


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