Monday, April 18, 2005

New Times Music Showcase

Last year I had a good plan for the New Times Music Showcase: Go and catch the first couple hours but then leave in time to catch Squarepusher. I probably would never have gotten to Freedom (now defunct club where he was playing) because Metric was the suprise headliner at the Showcase. I missed everybody I wanted to see because I was moving that weekend.

Had I known Metric was going to play I just would've gone and been dead tired. Metric got a horrible reception - partially because fans like myself didn't know about it until afterwards.

Anyway I basically had the same plan for 2005: Go and catch a few bands at the showcase and then head over to the Clubhouse to catch the show with Stiletto Formal headlining.

I didn't get to Tempe until about 6pm so I went to Ra (on the tiny back paito) to see the Love Blisters. They were solid, several of the songs make me think "Oh, I know this song" even though the only time I've heard them before was the show on March 12th.

Sweet Bleeders were playing at Rula Bula (also on a back patio, but a larger one) next door so I walked over and caught their first two songs before I heard Bella getting ready and went back to Ra.

There were some sound problems (guitar too quiet then guitar too loud) but it was still a good show and still the first time they'd played together (as 3-piece) in 8 months. I somehow, however, got the impression that this was also their last show, which doesn't make sense considering they reportedly have an album due soon. UPDATE: This was, in fact, their final show. D'oh.

Another thing Natalie said was that Secondhand Emotion had played their last show this past week. This is disappointing because I didn't even know they were playing much last that it would be their last show - so I obviously missed it. I first saw them in July 2003 and have seen them a couple times since (last in December 2004) and always enjoyed them/wanted to hear more. Oh, well, what I saw was good.

Anyway after Bella I headed to McDuffy's for Back ted n ted. When I have seen him before it was just Ryan, fully clothed, playing on his laptop. Tonight, however, Abe from Treasure Mammal, Corey Fogel and Jacob Koller played with Ryan... all wearing white boxers and tube socks. A unique and interesting performance... if not entirely comprehensible.

At any rate I'm very glad I went... even though when I got to the Clubhouse I found out the Stiletto Formal cancelled. I was interested in seeing the other local bands playing... but I wasn't going to pay the cover and stay just to see them. Oh, well.

As a side note I'd probably be getting home about now if SF had played.


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