Sunday, April 24, 2005

Playoffs, baby

NBA, that is. The Pistons played the first game of the 2005 NBA Playoffs yesterday at noon local time... the Suns will play the last first game at 7:30pm tonight.

I didn't watch the Pistons game and likely won't watch the Suns game... because NBA playoffs suck. I know they have 8 sets of games right now but I still can't handle a series lasting (potentially) more than two weeks.

Come May 8th there could still be first round "action" going on.

Suns schedule is here, their next game is Wednesday. At least the ensuing games run every other day.

The Pistons schedule... well, I guess here is the entire first round schedule... in seperate blocks so you can focus upon one series if you wish.

All I can say is World Series in not more than 9 days, baby.


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