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The Way Things Aught To Be, Disc 2

Rules and information and the first disc are here, plus here is another 2-CD offering, from victoria at De Stijl. Speaking of which there must be an unspoken rule that one White Stripes song that has not yet been used must be included.

Also I'll note that I compiled these to be played as an 160 minute album. This wasn't a list of my favorite songs and it doesn't include all of my favorite bands because it was selected not only for release date but for length and songs that worked as singles (stop laughing, I'm serious) which is to say in a different context.

Disc 2 - 1:19:10
  1. "See America Right" by the Mountain Goats (Tallahassee, 2002) - 1:54 - A lot of his songs could've been here, this one is short and starts the CD out well. This isn't the most representative song... but that's not the purpose here, right?
  2. "Things I Don't Remember" by Ugly Cassanova (Sharpen Your Teeth, 2002) - 3:29 - I had to bring Isaac Brock back for another round.
  3. "Jungle Telegraph" by Eels (Souljacker, 2002) - 3:40 - Again, not quite typical but it's fun and the approach to the title chorus is well done.
  4. "Say Hello to the Angels" by Interpol (Turn on the Bright Lights, 2002) - 4:28 - A lot of good options from their two albums; I'm taking this one for the driving bass guitar in the opening and the deep bass guitar in the outro.
  5. "Brand New Colony" by the Postal Service (Give Up, 2002) - 4:12 - Because everything will change.
  6. "Mall of America" by Desaparecidos (Read Music/Speak Spanish, 2002) - 2:41 - I have long been an "Bright Eyes is the other band by the guy from Desaparecidos" type of guy.
  7. "Up the Bracket" by the Libertines (Up the Bracket, 2002) - 2:38 - At one point we could all dream that there'd be a new Clash in our lifetime... then their output started to get worse as well as less punk... oh, wait, there we go.
  8. "Reason to Retreat" by the Gunshy (No Man's Blues, 2003) - 4:12 - I saw this guy by accident, I was in Tucson to see Electrelane and he was supposed to play at a different venue but that show was canceled so he played a half dozen or so songs at our show, just Matt Abrogast and his guitar (though some times he plays live with more of a band.) I bought a copy of every album he had to sell.
  9. "Stupid" by the Long Winters (When I Pretend to Fall, 2003) - 4:04 - You have no idea how stupid I would feel if I left this off.
  10. "Hitched" by the Kills (Keep On Your Mean Side, 2003) - 4:00 - The lyrics have the slow burning approach to the statement of the album title which I can't get enough of. I also love the loud, low dirty guitar and the laid back vocals. Alison sounds quite different here, eh.
  11. "A.S.A. to Accuracy" by KaitO (Band Red, 2003) - 3:04 - And we pick up the pace. Nosiy, busy, weird vocals and guitar that's further out... all in service to an irresistable drive. Plus it's fantastic live. "Should I" almost fought it's way in.
  12. "The List" by Metric (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, 2003) - 2:52 - Softer and safer is the synthpop goodness of Metric. It indeed looks like a Camero.
  13. "Plea From a Cat Named Virtue" by the Weakerthans (Reconstruction Site, 2003) - 3:48 - I thought this was just a funny title until I listened to the lyrics and realized that it actually is from the point of view of a cat.
  14. "Out of Control" by Super Furry Animals (Phantom Power, 2003) - 2:43 - Louder, faster and shorter than Slow Life. Also if this wasn't here there'd be only one other song from a Welsh band.
  15. "Burning the Cow" by Earlimart (Everyone Down Here, 2003) - 3:08 - It's what for dinner. I mean, come on, choke on dust. Err, I mean, a nice, simple, driving song.
  16. "Art is Hard" by Cursive (The Ugly Organ, 2003) - 2:46 - Because "Burst and Bloom" was on an ep. I almost took "Some Red-Handed Slight of Hand" for the more driving use of the cello but we've got to recreate your misery. I mean that I've always liked this one best.
  17. "Hall of Mirrors" by the Distillers (Coral Fang, 2003) - 3:49 - OK, I'll say it. Coral Fang is a better album than Sing Sing Death House. This track is a prime example of why I think this - the earlier album may be more visceral but the new material does more, is more ambitious. Hey, this is what I like in my punk. (Another bit that might illustrate this: an earlier cut of this album had the short Dismantle Me instead of, say, Drain the Blood.)
  18. "This Deed" by Electrelane (The Power Out, 2004) - 3:24 - More bands need to sing songs with texts from Nietzsche (in the original German, even.) The best part here is that this is a typical song for Electrelane, with the vocals used as just another instrument (well, basically.)
  19. "Circle of Fifths" by Clinic (Winchester Cathedral, 2004) - 3:24 - Clinic was another tough selection, shorter and faster tracks W.D.Y.Y.B. and Walking With Thee (for the other disc) were provisionally set but I decided to go with more of the glory that is Clinic.
  20. "She Will Only Bring You Happiness" by McLusky (The Difference Between Me and You Is That I am Not On Fire, 2004) - 3:27 - I am not entirely sold on McLusky, something which this song choice I'm sure adequately demonstrates. A light fun song amidst an album (or several) of angular, aggressive and weird Welsh punk rock.
  21. "Pill Cake" by the Detachment Kit (Of This Blood, 2004) - 1:39 - I went through about 3 other DK songs (including "The Illustrious Daniel Boone" which clocks in at 6:45) before going for this one.I'm not sure I'd call this song light... nor am I sure why I have latched on to it so strongly. It's weird, short and mostly vocals.
  22. "Nights of the Living Dead" by Tilly and the Wall (Wild Like Children, 2004) - 3:55 - Where Tilly is two female and one male vocalist and the Wall is a fun indie pop backing band with a tap dancer instead of a drum kit.
  23. "The Setup" by Mission of Burma (On Off On, 2004) - 3:08 - In this instance we're setting you up for the end.
  24. "Keep Time" by the Thermals (Fuckin' A, 2004) - 2:45 - Let's close this set out on some hard driving indie punk from the Thermals; they don't give a fuck about what we say.
I'd appologize for saying how much I loved everything but this is what a best of means: collectively these 47 songs cut a broad swath through the best music of these 5 years. I can't help but gush when it's all this good (and when so much that is also amazing and wonderful was left out.)


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