Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I just finished Pitchfork's history of twee which includes lines like "There were points where cuteness felt like a caricature, and a pose: when girls went around carrying Strawberry Shortcake lunchboxes instead of purses, being twee seemed less like a rejection of cool and more like the creation of a new, worse form of it."

I recommend the whole thing, and not only because they talk about a fuckload of good bands.

I also find the review of Rehearsing My Choir quite interesting as well. I enjoy it more than their reviewer did (4.0/10)... but James DiGiovanna would probably say that my "natural body chemistry is more valium than methedrine."

The start of the glorious conclusion of the review on the Fiery Furnaces CD: "It's a spectacular experiment, groundbreaking and perverse, bloated with possibilities and prime for parsing. But its practical function is unclear."

I don't catch Pitchfork very often and it's usually not as good as these two bits. That being said I probably should read Pitchfork more often... keeping in mind the idea that paying attention to one music tastemaker - be it Rolling Stone, Pitchfork or Under the Radar - is silly.

EDIT: Apparently the Ho at My Indie World linked the same Twee As Fuck article and wrote about the Fiery Furnaces new album (though, unlike I wrote in his comments, didn't link the Pf review) in a post just after noon.


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