Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fantasy Football

This is some guy ranting about why he hates fantasy football (which he has never played... he states (though it'd be clear regardless.)) I have no real repsonse mainly because he's not attacking me or the way I play. I'm there socially (no, stop laughing.) Fantasy sports can provide an interesting frame for discussion... and collecting people can inspire comraderie as well... and since most of us (from the main league/set of leagues I'm in) are the sort that grew up scanning boxscores on a daily basis we'd be paying that much attention to the sports anyway. Then again, I've been living off my past in fantasy sports for years now... my interest in sporting events has declined precipitously. There was a big break back in '94 when I left for college and MLB went on strike... but I got back into baseball bigger starting with the '99 All-Star Game (Pedro's 6 consecutive strikeouts)... a year which also featured an NBA strike... and me losing access to student tickets at the U of A.)

The bit that forced me to link to it:
Point-spread bettors have been doing the same thing for decades, of course, watching a game not for who wins or loses, but for who covers and who doesn't. It's like tuning into NBC Nightly News not to find out what went on in the world that day, but to count the number of times Brian Williams uses the word "Pentagon.'' It elevates the irrelevant to a level of real importance.
Oh, I so want in on this.

I've played fantasy ultimate frisbee while watching tournaments but I've never really gone beyond sports. (Unless you count things like the Oscar's Pick 'em bit Yahoo! runs each year... but I'd call that an entirely differnet animal.)

I thought about a dead pool but then I realized it had nothing to do with Mission of Burma. Also I don't know anything about celebrities.

...but fantasy NewsCasters (or somesuch) would kick some serious ass.

-Link via Fark.


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