Sunday, July 31, 2005


First off I am not holding off on the Pixies Album Competition because I'm hoping for more participation. I don't do promotion... which means I'm not going to get much participation. I can live with that. Anyway, I just haven't gotten to it. Because...

I picked up my harddrive from the FedEx yesterday. They tried to deliver it on Friday but as no one was home they just left a note. I was on my way - after rushing out - Friday evening when I noticed they had Saturday hours so I went afterwork yesterday. The great thing was I had something to ship elsewhere but no box. The person helping me at the counter pointed out that the package I was picking up came in a box... a box which just happened to be slightly larger than what I was shipping. Beautiful, eh.

Currently my Creative has two tracks on it: "Reformat" by Les Savy Fav and "Into the Woods" by Silkworm. These were my test subjects; it works fine. Soon 7,000 or so others will follow.

This makes me exceedingly happy.


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