Friday, July 15, 2005

Pixies Track 10

They got a track they call, number 10. Oh my golly, what I wrote in Pixies Album Competition about what Surfer Rosa's entry for track 10 was incorrect... though I'll let you decide if that was purposeful or not. You can also guess what I'd say if you choose the wrong answer.... anyway, here are what the albums have to offer in their attempt to win the title of The Official Favorite Pixies Album of Force Power Paintball and Other Diversions.

Surfer Rosa - Oh My Golly!
Doolittle - La La Love You
Bossanova - The Happening
Trompe Le Monde - Space (I Believe In)

Where did his wood go? Whistling and people saying "I love you." A song you'd swear was actually on Trompe Le Monde if you didn't know better. Finally does anyone actually know a Jefrey?


At 12:02 PM, Blogger ej said...

1. Doolittle - La La Love You
2. Surfer Rosa - Oh My Golly!
3. Trompe Le Monde - Space (I Believe In)
4. Bossanova - The Happening

actually i do know a jeffrey, but then again, i am a middle school teacher

At 2:03 PM, Blogger mountmccabe said...

Err, a Jefrey, with one F, Jefrey... though maybe your "jeffery" was typo.

1. Oh My Golly
2. Space (I Believe In)
3. The Happening
4. La La Love You


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