Friday, July 15, 2005

Pixies Track 2

Pixies Album Competition, take 2... or, rather, track 2: I'll list the track twos off the Pixies initial
EP and four subsequent albums. You are then instructed to rank as many of them as you can comfortably do so. The Come On Pilgrim tracks are more optional than the others - the whole thing is, of course, optional - as they won't count towards deciding The Official Favorite Pixies Album of Force Power Paintball and Other Diversions - for that I'm only using the relative rankings of songs from the four albums. Feel free to rank other extraneous media (or whatever) in your comments. Feel even more free to include hilarious and biting commentary.

Come On Pilgrim - Vamos
Surfer Rosa - Break My Body
Doolittle - Tame
Bossanova - Rock Music
Trompe Le Monde - Planet of Sound

COP offers a shorter version of a song found on Surfer Rosa (the only song found twice) and then four songs all within 10 seconds of two minutes long. Will Black Francis shouting "Tame" for a minute be enough to top the shouting climax to which Planet of Sound builds? Will everyone forget Break My Body and Rock Music even though they have as much strained shouting as the others?

Please offer your rankings via the comments widget below or to my email - with Pixies in the subject - which is mountmccabe at gmail dot com.


At 4:38 AM, Blogger ej said...

1. Come On Pilgrim - Vamos
2. Trompe Le Monde - Planet of Sound
3. Surfer Rosa - Break My Body
4. Doolittle - Tame
5. Bossanova - Rock Music

See, it didn't even hold to song #2. I might be tainted here on Planet of Sound, as the recently released FrankBlackFrancis w/ The Pale Boys version is awesome.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger mountmccabe said...

1. Tame
2. Planet of Sound
3. Vamos
4. Break My Body
5. Rock Music

I really, really like Tame.


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