Thursday, July 14, 2005


It was recommended that I include Come On Pilgrim into the competition. This has pluses and minuses... but I shall refrain from granting this EP full inclusion. I shall, however, allow votes for it. Hell,I shall encourage them. They shall not, however, count towards the official results.

Points are given for comparative rankings so it doesn't matter what extraneous material is included.

Therefore when voting please feel free to include the songs from Come On Pilgrim for the votes for tracks 1 through 8 - I'll even list the songs and cover them in the notes when posting. You can (also) include other collections of approximately fifteen as well - the 15 song live set on the Pixies DVD, tracks on Destruction by Definition, films directed by Stanley Kubrick, years of your life... whatever - ranking them against the Pixies tracks.

The plan, then, will be to report the Official final total, an overall total (including absolutely everything receiving points) and whatever else seems interesting.

Also in the interest of sleep the 15 ballot posts will not be up until later. They will, however, certainly be up before I leave for Chicago.


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