Saturday, June 18, 2005


Wow. I just bought tickets for a rock show... for me and my parents. I mean, I have half-season tickets for the Phoenix Symphony with my parents, but that's a little different.

The White Stripes are coming to town a couple weeks after my father's birthday in August and I figured he'd want to go. It's at the Dodge Theater and we have seats seats so for this situation that can count as a good thing. Inviting my dad didn't occur to me when they played at Mesa Amp, an outdoor GA venue.

I'm not sure what he'll think of the new album - not sure what I think of the new album - but he's big on the other stuff, songs like Ball and Biscuit, Death Letter and Stop Breaking Down (yes, I know only one of those is actually Jack's song.)

It'll be, err, interesting.


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