Saturday, June 11, 2005

In State

It's a good thing I had a ticket for the Of Montreal show; they actually had to turn people away. The show was sold out... and if I had shown around 8pm like I did - I left with about 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the Pistons-Heat game and listened to the end on the way to the show - without a ticket I probably would not have gotten in.

Tilly and the Wall didn't have any vinyl copies of their album with them; they're almost out entirely. Maybe a lot of other people figured that they'd spend their money on the vinyl since they already got the mp3s from the Team Love website which offers them for free.

I did, in fact, not go to the shows 06/07 - 06/10 which I stated I probably would not go to. I did, however, stop at Zia and pick up half a dozen cassettes to listen to in the car when I don't want to use the Creative. So far I absolutely love Pleased to Meet Me (I had heard the Replacements' All for Nothing comp but no actual albums) and I've also listened to King Bee by Muddy Waters. UP next, I think, is Dylan's greatest hits followed by some PE, Coltrane and Billy Bragg. Then it's back to the hits of the 80's and early 90's that is my tape collection - aka a lot of Bad Company, Satriani, Queen and Rush with a little Catherine Wheel and Alice in Chains.

One of the CDs I got at Zia - I had planned to avoid that section... which shows what a stupid planner I am - was Kathleen Edwards' latest, Back to Me. I listened to all of both of her albums on Rhapsody after reading Hanson write about her and picked this up to increase my listening possiblities before the show on Monday at the Rhythm Room... which means I heard about her just in time, eh.

This one thing I love about Rhapsody; I can actually hear songs, albums and artists folks refer to, be it Matt in his 500 Songs listings or people talking about random bands on the Coachella message board.

I still haven't figured out which show to go to tonight. I guess the Paper Heart is closer than the Clubhouse... ugh... I'm very ambivalent here.


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