Monday, May 16, 2005

These fragments

So Many Books links to an online version of the Waste Land as hypertext. You get the poem in one frame and Eliot's (and other's) notes in another - though there are several options for the second frame. This is much easier than flipping back and forth with the paper copy.

I still absolutely love this poem... but it has lost some stature in my mind since Eliot's solution was silly. We have made the world a waste land, let's go back to what failed us in the first place! In my mind Jimmy had a much better response in Ulysses... but I'm not going to go into all this right now.

Hmm, something like this would be just wonderful for Pale Fire as well... though two copies of an etext version would do the same trick (either would be slightly easier than two copies of the book.)


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