Saturday, May 28, 2005

Old Errata

In order to keep the size of the errata section reasonable I shall move the comments here as they age and/or are replaced by newer notes. I would put this with my original announcement of my errata section but I figured I'd leave that one as is.

Displaced errata follow, they get older as you go down the page.

  • 05/28/05: Tongue Tied is actually on Other Animals. I knew this but published the mistake anyway to ensure that I would have errata to report.
  • 05/14/05: My approach in I Don't Know... Can You Swing a Sack of Door Knobs? was flawed. The law should determine what happens in such a case... and then those laws should be changed if we find out they'll lead to problems. Plus I've not yet updated the story.
  • 05/14/05: I written maybe a third of my review of Coachella, I saw a Phoenix Symphony concert on Thursday and a Stiletto Formal show last night... and I use up my blogging time on putting together a comp no one will hear. Brilliant.
  • 05/08/05: I just picked up on the fact that the newest errata should appear at the top of this list. Duh. I have reorded them accordingly.
  • 05/08/05: The post 10 days was not "nice" as reported. It was merely long, disjointed and uninteresting.
  • 05/08/05: The first time I published with the previous errata (re: Upcoming) I failed to include the lineitem tag. My most humble applogies are offered to any who caught it before this correction.
  • 05/08/05: In the ambiguously titled Upcoming I failed to mention that there were other upcoming shows which I didn't plan on attending. Also I didn't go to that Rilo Kiley show and I probably will go to the (International) Noise Conspiracy show (Dresden Dolls headlining, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead in the middle.)
  • 05/08/05: I failed to mention in At Crystal Palace that eventually I set up an archive of these errata. I will. Eventually.
  • 05/08/05: Technoliberation should have an e with an accent above it. I don't know how to do that. Appologies are offered.

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