Sunday, June 12, 2005


Two sold out shows in a row. I don't get it. The Greeley Estates pre-Warped Tour kickoff show yesterday night was cut off the same as the Of Montreal show on Monday. This may not be entirely correct as I don't know how they do capacity for an all-ages show in a venue with a cage.

The Clubhouse probably holds something like 700 people... but it is often split into an all-ages area from the stage to the bar and then a 21+ area which is about the same size. When I got in at 6:45pm the underage area was packed and there were maybe a dozen people scattered around the bar. As the night wore on the 21+ part filled up but it was never as packed as the front... even as underaged fans left.

All 7 bands playing were locals and people don't often stay after their band plays. I guess I have to admit to this but [a] I saw (all) 5 bands that played before the Stiletto Formal and [b] I had to pick up my brother to give him a ride to Phoenix. Granted, he wouldn't've minded if I took another hour or so but I was still trying to find a way to get tto the Colorstore show at Paper Heart.

The Stiletto Formal were great, they played five songs off their EP along with one brand new one... which increases the total number of songs I've heard from them to 8 (they played a different brand new one May 13th at Modified; that one was called something like "Give Me 50 CCs of Anything Strong") though they might've also played non-EP tracks the first time I saw them.


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