Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Somewhere Else

The Kathleen Edwards show was fantastic last night. I was a little wary while we were having pre-show dinner at the Sonaran Brewing Company around the corner, the recent sell-outs (including the Bad Religion show I'm going to in Hollywood this Saturday) had me nervous. There was no reason for it, though, as there was plenty of room in the parking lot and - in stark contrast to the Of Montreal show the previous Monday where there were under-21 folks packed shoulder to shoulder in the whole front area - they had chairs and little tables set up around the stage. The crowd might've been 100-150 (rather than ~350.)

Matt Mays opened with a 45 minute set; his inbetween song banter was around as entertaining as his songs... partially because I never quite got a feel for how serious he was being. It often came off (to me) as quite ridiculous but he certainly wasn't up there cracking up. The songs were good, too.

Kathleen Edwards played after a short break, starting out by announcing that two of her band members were at the bar; they had tried to set up the drum set but it took up half the stage so she fired them for the evening. Thus it was Kathleen, Jim and Colin playing for about 70 minutes (closing big with a Gram Parsons cover and "Back to Me") before a short encore break then came back for three more songs.

I just loved it; the two friends who came along loved it as well (enough to buy CDs, even.)

I would've bought a shirt (which would've been killer to wear to the BR show on Saturday) but the largest size they had was Large. Since they were American Apparel shirts I would've needed an XXL... because they run small and they shrink (even when washed in cold water and hung to dry.) And it's not like I'm all that big, I'm 6', 200#... which is above average for an American male but not but much (2', 20#?). Oh well. The shirts feel fine and the sweatshop free aspect is cool... but it'd be nice if they weren't terrible shirts.


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