Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pixies Album Competition

On Saturday I am flying to Chicago. Not terribly long after arriving I shall be driving to Michigan. Several days after that I shall be driving to Ohio. Monday the 25th I shall be flying home from Cleveland.

This will most likely mean that there won't be any blogging 'round here until the 26th or even later. To keep visitors entertained, however, there shall be a competition.

Unfortunately you may not participate unless you are an album released by the Pixies. Come On Pilgrim... not so fast. Surfer Rosa, please stand up. I see Doolittle in the back; and yes, that's you, Bossanova, despite the fact that you're trying to avoid eye contact. I suspect Trompe Le Monde is ditching today... but you're in anyway. Death to the Pixies? Not a chance. That DVD? I don't even know how that would work (interactive menus vs Bone Machine... hmmm....)

I have recently proven an inability to comparatively rank the albums of the Pixies. I jokingly offered the time-tested method of cumulative track-to-track-to-track-to-track rankings... which, mentally, snowballed into this.

There will be 15 seperate posts, one for each album track. The first post (which probably won't be up until tomorrow) will list the four songs (Bone Machine, Debaser, Cecilia Ann, Trompe Le Monde) and a few flippant phrases where I hint at where I'm leaning but my personal votes will not go up until after I get back from my trip. At any rate this is where anyone who stops by is invited to offer their own rankings and/or witty remarks.

I am counting each CD track which means that Surfer Rosa's entry for track 10 is dialog and Bossanova offers instrumentals at both 1 and 14. After great internal debate I have decided to not allow either Surfer Rosa or Bossanova to position their empty which means that the only entries for track 15 are Gouge Away and The Navajo Know.

I will listen to each of the four tracks directly before finalizing my rankings; I recommend that you do so as well. I'll even offer a Rhapsody playlist shuffled just so. This is merely a recommendation, partially because I have no way of policing this (Coast Guard?) and will, of course, count any rankings I get via either the comments box or email (mountmccabe at gmail dot com - and as I often get oddly worded/structured messages please put the word "Pixies" in the subject so I don't try to parse your rankings as text.)

I will tally all rankings received by 11:59pm Wednesday, July 27th. Entries later than that might be included but no promises. Last place (on each ballot) gets one point, second to last gets two, third to last gets three and fourth to last get eight thousand five hundred and thiry seven. I mean four.

The album with the most points wins and will be proclaimed The Official Favorite Pixies Album of Force Power Paintball and Other Diversions (TOFPAoFPPaOD for


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