Sunday, July 10, 2005

ArthurFest 2005

At a recent show some friends pointed me to ArthurFest put on by Arthur Magazine. This will be September 4 & 5 in the Los Angeles metropolitan area somewhere. The seven artists (of 31 currently listed as playing) I knew were enough to convince me that this would be worth the trip... especially since I know other people from Phoenix who are planning on going.

The show is going to be the following bands plus 16. The only artist I knew not represented below is Brad Laner; Rhapsody has neither Medicine nor Electric Company nor - wow... Rhapsody does have Lusk's album but I never knew Brad was in that band (with Greg Edwards of Failure and Autolux)... I'm going to have to hear me that album... and kick myself for not looking into them earlier (I always saw that album at used CD shops while looking for Lush or Luscious Jackson or... other Lus... bands.)

OK, that sentence was a mess. I appologize and will refrain from attempting to recover. The point is there's no Brad Laner... but I'm not sure what he's going to do anyway.

At any rate check out the following; I will be. I have done some research to figure out what songs to pick (well, for the first five I just kinda grabbed something recent-ish.) The line-up sounds very spacy, drony, nosiy... which means I'm stoked.

ArthurFest 2005:
1. Pattern Recognition - Sonic Youth
2. Jumpers - Sleater-Kinney
3. Have Love Will Travel - The Black Keys
4. He War - Cat Power
5. Fireplace - The Olivia Tremor Control
6. At Her Open Door - Dead Meadow
7. Let The Church Roll On - T-Model Ford
8. Antlers Of The Midnight Sun - Comets On Fire
9. The Manifestation - Six Organs Of Admittance
10. Dimension - Wolfmother
11. You May Be Blue - Vetiver
12. Onement - Growing
13. Seven Angels - Earth
14. The Fish - Radar Brothers
15. Enemy - Modey Lemon
16. Lavender Diamond-Emptiness Is A Conductor - Lavender Diamond

Note: Yes, today is an anomaly. I shall neither begin averaging several posts per day nor begin focusing on Rhapsodyblogging.


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