Sunday, July 10, 2005

Drummer Boy

Friday night was dinner with friends at Tasty Kabob and then a few doors down to Stinkweeds for Scout Niblett.

This was a late show, Wonderful Wednesday started at about 10pm; Scout Niblett came on around 10:40 and played for about 40 minutes.

I haven't been listening long enough to know, really, but text I've come across used Scout Niblett as a person's name; Emma used it more like Cat Power: "We are Scout Niblett." At any rate it was Emma playing guitar and singing (and playing the drum kit for Pom Pom) and Jason Kourkounis playing drums.

For those not familiar the music is a sort of agressive alt-folk full of quiet, almost precious but eerie sections dispersed with brutal attacks... at first glance it reminds one of early PJ Harvey. It's rather simple music with great emotional range.

My favorites were Pom Pom and the closer, Drummer Boy (from I Am, which is the album Rhapsody has.) The turnout was better than I expected for a record store show, 40-50 people. I was in a good position, standing behind a display of 7" singles... which I only barely refrained from flipping through. (Yes, my concentration level sucks even for something as compelling as a show this fantastic.)

The best news is that they are coming back to Phoenix on August 18th, playing at Modified.

For those not in Phoenix that show is part of a reasonably complete US tour beginning July 25th at Salt Lake City.


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