Friday, July 15, 2005

Pixies Track 5

Pixies Album Competition, take 5... or, rather, track 5: I'll list the track fives off the Pixies initial EP and five subsequent albums. You are then offer the chance to rank as many of them as you can comfortably do so. The Come On Pilgrim tracks are more optional than the others - the whole thing is, of course, optional - as they won't count towards deciding The Official Favorite Pixies Album of Fivece Power Paintball and Other Diversions - for that bit only the relative rankings of songs from the five albums will be used. Feel five to rank other extraneous media (or, you know, whatever) in your comments. Feel even more five to include five tons of hilarious and biting commentary.

Come On Pilgrim - The Holiday Song
Surfer Rosa - Gigantic
Doolittle - Here Comes Your Man
Bossanova - Is She Weird
Trompe Le Monde - Head On

If Surfer Rosa and Bossanova (and Come On Pilgirm, I suppose) were allowed a bye I'm sure one would be used here. In my mind Kim Deal's Gigantic could take the others with Black Francis' arms tied behind his back... but I know some folks somewhere must like Here Comes Your Man and you gotta love a JAMC cover. Add on top of that my favorite song from Bossanova and the fact that I still have no idea what holiday that song is supposed to be for... and you have a tough track to win. Well, unless you're gigantic, like our big, big love.

Please offer your rankings via the comments widget below or to my email - with Pixies in the subject - which is mountmccabe at gmail dot com.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger ZD said...

For text showing a peculiar arrogance towards half of the songs in this group, that's a pretty vapid paragraph, bro. Indeed, Gigantic is one of those three songs that get mega-hyped from SR, but let's not get carried away here. I'm in practically an opposite direction, in fact, and I can guarantee I'm not in a tiny minority here (although time will tell)...

4. Is She Weird
3. Gigantic
2. Here Comes Your Man
1. Head On

Admittedly, I have significantly more of a jones to play HCYM & HO live than G (for obvious reasons), so maybe I'm biased here. Or maybe HO is a beautiful screamfest compared to G's tender invite.

Oh well, let's have a ball w/ this one. Very very strong group.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger ej said...

1. Bossanova - Is She Weird
2. Surfer Rosa - Gigantic
3. Come On Pilgrim - The Holiday Song
4. Doolittle - Here Comes Your Man
5. Trompe Le Monde - Head On

OK, real shift of voting tendencies here but when I see this grouping and the first words in my head are the refrain from ISW, it gets the first vote for sure!

At 2:17 PM, Blogger mountmccabe said...

1. Gigantic
2. Is She Weird
3. The Holiday Song
4. Head On
5. Here Comes Your Man

HCYM is, I dunno, too mellow and silly for me.

My only beef with Head On is that it's a cover from one of the relatively few bands I like better than the Pixies (and it's no improvment.) It's still a stellar song... but yeah, this is a strong group.


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