Friday, July 15, 2005

Pixies Track 12

OK, it's actually like 11:35pm and I'm starting to regret... well, I dunno. The 15 seperate posts thing might not've been the best of ideas but... well, it's an idea. In case you got here by following some link and don't want to click through (or you happen to hit this page after this post is up but before Track 13's post is up and don't want to scroll down to see what's going on but do want to keep reading this to find out what's going on) then... ehh, keep reading. It'll make sense. It's about ranking these songs and anything else having to do with the number 12. It's more about making the funny and insightful comments I'm making because I'm trying to finish this because I want to sleep a few hours tonight and I still need to do other things before then.

Surfer Rosa - Vamos
Doolittle - There Goes My Gun
Bossanova - Hang Wire
Trompe Le Monde - Subbacultcha

Talk about deja vu. No, really. This isn't deja vu but we have seen a lot of this before... sort of. This competition has already seen a Vamos... though this one has a very different vocal performance and a lot of crazy soloing from Joey Santiago. We've seen There Goes My Girl... this is a essentially a recap of the chorus. Subbacultcha would've been here had I gone with the Purple Tape idea. Does the strong Hang Wire win by default? No? OK, fine.

Please offer your rankings of whatever via the comments widget below or to my email - with Pixies in the subject - which is mountmccabe at gmail dot com.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger ej said...

1. Trompe Le Monde - Subbacultcha
2. Bossanova - Hang Wire
3. Surfer Rosa - Vamos
4. Doolittle - There Goes My Gun

strong group. very strong group.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger mountmccabe said...

OK, fine, I mixed up Subbacultcha and Distance Equals Rate Times Time. I'm gonna stick with it here but refrain from reprogramming my mp3s that way.

1. Hang Wire
2. Vamos
3. Subbacultcha
4. There Goes My Gun


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