Sunday, August 07, 2005

Results: Pixies Album Competition

I've delayed long enough so I'll just get to it:

The Official Favorite Pixies Album of Force Power Paintball and Other Diversions is Surfer Rosa.

This is probably not shocking.
The results, however, were clear and this result will be posted on the sidebar.

Thank you to those who participated. To those who didn't, find out more by following the links presented in the post on Pixies Track 15.

On to the analysis:

Total Points (average points per track)
Surfer Rosa: 101.4 (7.2)
Trompe Le Monde: 88 (5.9)
Doolittle: 87.6 (5.8)
Bossanova: 56 (4.0)

First Place Votes
Surfer Rosa: 13
Doolittle: 12
Trompe Le Monde: 7
Bossanova: 3

My personal rankings came out much the same as the overall rankings. One thing that struck me is that Trompe Le Monde doesn't get the first place love but it holds it's own overall. This makes sense to me; it's a great record full of solid, solid songs but it doesn't reach the highs of the first two albums. At least, that's my take.

Only two tracks got all available first place votes (after discounting COP votes, of course.) The top 9, ranked by average votes:
  1. River Euphrates - 4.0
  2. Bone Machine - 3.8
  3. Broken Face - 3.7
  4. Planet of Sound - 3.5
  5. Monkey Gone to Heaven - 3.5
  6. Cactus - 3.5
  7. Oh My Golly! - 3.5
  8. Hang Wire - 3.5
  9. Motor to Roswell - 3.5
Gouge Away also got all available first place votes... but it only had one competitor.

Six songs got all last place votes:
  • Rock Music
  • Ana (3 votes)
  • All Over the World
  • There Goes My Gun
  • Stormy Weather
  • The Navajo Know (against only Gouge Away)
I will now offer, once again, a big thank you to all who participated.

Also here are the Come On Pilgrim-including results:

Eric, voting the Come On Pilgrim song on top 7 of 8 times made it easy to convert your rankings to 4 album rankings. Converting mine was still straightforward but not at the cut and paste level.

Total Points (average points per track)
Surfer Rosa: 94 (6.7)
Doolittle: 79 (5.3)
Trompe Le Monde: 77 (5.1)
Come On Pilgrim: 65 (8.1)
Bossanova: 54 (3.9)

First Place Votes
Come On Pilgirm: 8
Surfer Rosa: 8
Doolittle: 8
Trompe Le Monde: 4
Bossanova: 2

Points from the first 8 tracks:
Come On Pilgrim: 65
Surfer Rosa: 60
Doolittle: 47
Trompe Le Monde: 41
Bossanova: 28

One track, I've Been Tired, got two fives (that is two first place votes within the first 8 tracks) while two tracks paired a 5 with a 2 (Caribou and Tame.) The other 5 fives all were paired with a four or a three.


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