Sunday, November 06, 2005

It was fine

I was going well for a few days. I had several things about which I wanted to write but I figured I'd spread out the good stuff. Just resulted in a loss of momentum, me getting bored with the things which concerned me at the time. Maybe this is a good thing.

I had planned on seeing Go Betty Go again at the Big Fish Pub in Tempe but I really didn't feel like it. I quite enjoy their new album and their last show was great... but... ehh. I wasn't into it. The show which the Stiletto Formal headlined the night before at the Marquee (I can't get over that, they - and 7 other local bands - sold out the Marquee!) was mostly boring. I liked Lydia and the Stiletto Formal were good though not great [the new songs sounded better than the EP material. I've heard 10 songs from them, now, by the way. One song had something to do with Ambrose Bierce (the title, anyway), the other title I didn't understand at all] but I got there at 6:30 and nothing good happened until about 10pm. Lydia were really good, though. If I wasn't in the mood I was by the end of the night I would've gotten a CD. This reminds me, I need to check their MySpace to see what I can hear from them. Or maybe their regular website has mp3s.

I did make the performace of Brahms' Ein Deutsches Requiem. It was in English. It was the version accompanied by two people playing a piano rather than an orchestra. It was at a church. I knew (or figured) all of these things going in but the latter bothered me and is probably the reason I didn't feel like going to Go Betty Go. Though maybe I should change that to "put on by a religious group" as it wouldn't've mattered where they did it... it still would've bugged me. The conductor - who gave a short summary of the message before they started singing - either doesn't understand what Brahms was doing or willfully misrepresented the composer's intentions. Yes, I understand Johannes still chose Biblical texts but he was working within the system, that's how we know who he was (well, that and he was damn good at writing music.)

I probably shouldn't've gone but there were other reasons it was good that I went. And I basically was able to keep my mouth shut. I, for example, refrained from pointing out that Brahms, too, was an atheist.

Hmm. I was going to go into a few other things but I'm not sure about them. This post has had some topic shifts anyway... but that which has been cut (all before hitting Publish Post)... I don't want to get into that right right now.


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