Sunday, November 13, 2005

Update on Sony's Content Protection

Yay! I can actually stick to my plans to not buy any more content-protected CDs (see my earlier comments... though they don't actually include me making such a claim... and I seemed to be confused [maybe] thinking that it was more than just Sony and subsidiaries)... for a while longer, at least, because Sony says they're going to stop making them.

If I see a Content Protected version of Harmonies for the Haunted by Stellastarr* I'm totally going to get it. New, even.

The tipping point wasn't, however, folks like me complaining about the inconvenience/legality issues; rather it was on the heels of stories on how the hidden files leave computers vulnerable.
Sony's announcement came one day after leading security companies disclosed that hackers were distributing malicious programs over the Internet that exploited the antipiracy technology's ability to avoid detection. Hackers discovered they can effectively render their programs invisible by using names for computer files similar to ones cloaked by the Sony technology.


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