Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gimmie Indie Rock

The subheading says it all:

Herein, we will run tournaments that are utterly inconsequential, will fuel moderate bickering, and ultimately please nobody. Enjoy!

This is a user-voted tournament of 192 songs that were "gleaned from a survey of allmusic, Magnet top 60 albums of 95-05, Pitchfork's best albums/singles of various years and decades, and surveys of our friends and acquaintances." The idea took form during a similar tournament based on Rolling Stone's recent Top 500 songs of all time (I'll find the link to that, if such a a thing is still possible.)

It's fun because you get to make fun of bad songs. And rep for the good stuff. And wonder where the great stuff is. Seriously though, the lists are about as good as they could be (the brackets are all available now, here's the Southeast)... and the seedings... well, that's why we vote (in the comments, hopefully including hilarious and/or insightful commentary.)


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Ms. L said...

Random question. Who do you know? I've seen you vote in tournaments before, but I'm not sure if you're quizbowl, or friend of quizbowl, or somehow just around.


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