Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saddle Creek

Two Gallants came to Phoenix recently, played a fantastic show.

After that show I bought their latest album, What the Toll Tells, on vinyl. The best part was the following:
Free Digital Download with the purchase of this LP! Each LP comes with a code allowing you to download the full record one time only, so you can enjoy your LP on your portable MP3 player!
It does appear as if Saddle Creek recently started this (as have a few other similarly sized labels) but it makes me happy. Yeah, I could still buy the vinyl and then download the mp3s from whereever (or get them from whatever and then buy the vinyl) but it's always nice when the label approves, you know?

Anyway if I have a choice of what's going to just be sitting around I'd pick the big beautiful vinyl (with two bonus tracks) because it's the mp3s (on my computer, Creative or on the mp3 CD I burned) that are going to get used.


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