Saturday, April 15, 2006

Recently played tracks (and seriously, I've told them I am in Phoenix and not London or whereever it would be 6pm right now):

Weekly top artists (standard disclaimer about this not counting what I play with my Creative or in my car or whatnot):

Why am I posting this as a standard blog post rather than putting it in the sidebar or something? I don't know. I guess I don't know which I would post there. Nor do I want to fool around with the template enough to fit this in. It'll be somewhere in the new site, whenever that happens. Also I'm supposed to be leaving to drop off tax forms at some mail drop. But I'm sitting here, listening to Metric and babbling.

And yes, I was listening to Metric when I wrote this; the first chart there shows what I'm currently listening to... that is what I'm listening to when you look at it rather than when I post it. So, basically, it makes sense as a sidebar or something but not as a post signature or something. Though that would be cool. Ish.

Also I'll cut it down so it doesn't show a ridiculous number of songs/artists/whatever.

UPDATE: It only shows 5 for the artists and maybe that many for the songs. That isn't excessive, for a blog sidebar, now is it.


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