Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Black Angels and Hopewell @ Modified

I went to the show because of various comments regarding the Black Angels, the coolness of the few songs I had heard and Hopewell's Mercury Rev connection.

I loved the show because Hopewell rocked the shitty out of the joint and the Black Angels were low-end cool and throbbing.

Hopewell sound nothing like the Rev and they rock and the guitars were awesome and the basslines were the best and yeah. Psychedelic space rock, I suppose. The best song was the unreleased "Monolith." It had these poppy bits in amongst all the riffage and Secret Machines-esque rocking.

The Black Angels had six people making sound up there and wow. Two different people played the drumkit (different times) and another one or two people played an extra floor tom (at times.) Most of the band played bass, most of the band played guitar, one person played some sort of keyboard they call a "drone machine" in the CD notes.

Fantastic show though due to the way the bands sound I would have reversed the bill.


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