Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Gallants at the Casbah

I saw Two Gallants at the Casbah last night. We got going from Phoenix a little lazily and got there just as the first band, Trainwreck Riders, a country rock band, were starting. They sounded pretty damned good. Then we went a couple blocks away to another bar for food because we hadn't time to eat. We missed Langhorne Slim but got back in plenty of time for Two Gallants.

They didn't talk about Houston at all though for the last song by Trainwreck Riders when Adam and Tyson came up and played with them (harmonica and slide guitar, respectively) one of the members of TR put out a shirt that said "Free Tyson Vogel."

Two Gallants were dead on, Adam sounded great tonight. They didn't play most of the songs I was really hoping for but I did get "Nothing To You" and "Age of Assassins" and, really, they don't have bad songs so I can't complain about the setlist. The crowd was of a good size and countenance, singing along a lot and not talking too much. The Casbah is a small place, about 250 capacity... though that probably includes the back room with the pool tables and video games and maybe even the outside patio.

Anyway, yeah, it was great stuff.

Steady Rollin'
Las Cruces Jail
Long Summer Day
"high heels and mace"
"red wine"
"not mine"
Nothing To You
Crow Jane
Age of Assassins
[second encore]
My Madonna

The encore breaks were really short; Age of Assassins was clearly a planned encore, My Madonna seemed more real, in response to the crowd (and people yelling for that song.) Last night I was thinking it was only 2 non-album songs but I guess I'm wrong.

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