Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the Long Winters at Stinkweeds and the Rhythm Room

The Long Winters aren't my favorite band or anything but they are enjoyable enough. They played for about 30 minutes at Stinkweeds. After the first song it was all by request which is always nice even if a band only has three albums. And it's fun watching them sit and think, hmm, how do we do this one acoustic-like. It's nice to have a fresh set like that. Michael (drummer) also go to browse the new releases from his chair on songs that didn't require him to do much.


Several hours later they played the Rhythm Room. Asleep in the Sea opened and were mostly tolerated/ignored. I quite like them. The Long Winters played for a good 80-90 minutes. They accepted a good number of requests here, too. For their final song they asked us to choose between "Stupid," "Shapes" and "Departure." Long story short they ended up playing all three since we could not come to a consensus.

The highlight for the instore was probably "Carparts," for the full gig it was probably "Prom Night At Hater High" though "Fire Island, AK" was great and "Depature" was a kickass closer.

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