Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ladytron at the Clubhouse

I forgot to check the normal indicators internets to guage the popularity of Ladytron and was shocked to find the Clubhouse packed and it looked like a goodly number of people got turned away. I bought my ticket earlier when I bought my Magnolila Electric Co ticket and honestly that is the only reason I went otherwise I would've stayed home and watched the Tigers not play so well. And rest. And maybe do some laundry. Shit, it's 9. That means I gotta start a load.

Anyway CSS opened and most people were rather indifferent. Ladytron played a set that was a good 75 minutes long and then after a short break they played another 3 songs.

They were good, I liked the show.

Also I find it saddening that shows like this are the kind of shows most people go to... that is this concert experience is nowhere near as cool when it's too packed to move or go near the bar or get a water and you have to wait 45 minutes to get in and another long line for merch and all. 640 folks went away experiencing that concert (and another hundred or so maybe went away pissed not being able to get in) whereas for the Joggers/Oxford Collapse show I saw on Monday 45 people had a great show with plenty of room and all.

I don't know the answer other than being better at choosing where a band should play and promotors/venues/whoever working together and being flexible and having many options. And free snowcones for everyone.

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