Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Saxon Shore, et al @ Modified

I just saw Denison Witmer, Saxon Shore and then a few songs from From Monument to Masses.

Saxon Shore backed Mr. Witmer for 5 or so songs, otherwise it was just him and an acoustic. He finished with a cover of "Northern Sky" by Nick Drake.

Saxon Shore were really good. I honestly can't tell you what they played but it was fantastic. I love the light, floating melodies over the crescendoing guitars.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tilly & the Wall, Now It's Overhead @ Modified

Tilly and the Wall/Now It's Overhead was good and all but damn sometimes I forget that the Modified doesn't really do the air conditioning bit. Plus I started to get the impression that the show was going to be well attended (which surprises me) from the high ticket price.

So yeah, it was sold out 15 people after me and it was hot and humid.

Tilly were very fun. They're good at keeping the audience in the game. Their music is fun and dancy and poppy. They were funny. I mean, they're not essential or deep, really; but they play their songs and I like them.

I really liked Now It's Overhead, too. They were louder and with more atmospheric type noises than I expected from the few songs I had listened to. I was not familar with them prior to the show.