Saturday, November 04, 2006

the Starlight Mints at the Rhythm Room

I saw The Starlight Mints with Bishop Allen and Tom Heinl at the Rhythm Room on Thursday.

Tom Heinl was first; it was just him up on stage, for a few of the songs he played a guitar or a old gas can for accompaniment, for the rest he used recordings he made in his apartment in Oregon. He sings silly songs that at first sound serious in a voice that reminds one of Johnny Cash or Bill Callahan.

Bishop Allen was up next. They are fairly standard but catchy indie pop but they pull it off quite well live. I mean, seriously, they were really really something live. I don't know what else to say. They played a lot of the songs that I had heard before which is only like 8.

The Starlight Mints were last. They are fun. They played songs. Like "Margarita" and "Valerie Flames." They sounded better than the Modified show just after Coachella. Also they seem to pick great shows to be a part of (with Dressy Bessy and Deathray Davies, the Flaming Lips and Liz Phair, that recent show with the Octopus Project and Dios Malos.)

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Minimum Wage and Inflation

OK, so AZ Prop 202 (and similar propositions in other states) would increase the minimum wage to $6.75 (an increase of over 30%) and set up a yearly increase based on inflation.

Doesn't this create a feedback loop? Increasing the minimum wage will increase inflation which will.... Can someone explain why it won't work this way and/or why this is not important?

I mean, I support having a minimum wage and it makes sense to increase it every once in a while and small increases would create less havoc for employers but I'm just working myself into a corner here, aren't I.