Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ladytron at the Clubhouse

I forgot to check the normal indicators internets to guage the popularity of Ladytron and was shocked to find the Clubhouse packed and it looked like a goodly number of people got turned away. I bought my ticket earlier when I bought my Magnolila Electric Co ticket and honestly that is the only reason I went otherwise I would've stayed home and watched the Tigers not play so well. And rest. And maybe do some laundry. Shit, it's 9. That means I gotta start a load.

Anyway CSS opened and most people were rather indifferent. Ladytron played a set that was a good 75 minutes long and then after a short break they played another 3 songs.

They were good, I liked the show.

Also I find it saddening that shows like this are the kind of shows most people go to... that is this concert experience is nowhere near as cool when it's too packed to move or go near the bar or get a water and you have to wait 45 minutes to get in and another long line for merch and all. 640 folks went away experiencing that concert (and another hundred or so maybe went away pissed not being able to get in) whereas for the Joggers/Oxford Collapse show I saw on Monday 45 people had a great show with plenty of room and all.

I don't know the answer other than being better at choosing where a band should play and promotors/venues/whoever working together and being flexible and having many options. And free snowcones for everyone.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Gallants at the Casbah

I saw Two Gallants at the Casbah last night. We got going from Phoenix a little lazily and got there just as the first band, Trainwreck Riders, a country rock band, were starting. They sounded pretty damned good. Then we went a couple blocks away to another bar for food because we hadn't time to eat. We missed Langhorne Slim but got back in plenty of time for Two Gallants.

They didn't talk about Houston at all though for the last song by Trainwreck Riders when Adam and Tyson came up and played with them (harmonica and slide guitar, respectively) one of the members of TR put out a shirt that said "Free Tyson Vogel."

Two Gallants were dead on, Adam sounded great tonight. They didn't play most of the songs I was really hoping for but I did get "Nothing To You" and "Age of Assassins" and, really, they don't have bad songs so I can't complain about the setlist. The crowd was of a good size and countenance, singing along a lot and not talking too much. The Casbah is a small place, about 250 capacity... though that probably includes the back room with the pool tables and video games and maybe even the outside patio.

Anyway, yeah, it was great stuff.

Steady Rollin'
Las Cruces Jail
Long Summer Day
"high heels and mace"
"red wine"
"not mine"
Nothing To You
Crow Jane
Age of Assassins
[second encore]
My Madonna

The encore breaks were really short; Age of Assassins was clearly a planned encore, My Madonna seemed more real, in response to the crowd (and people yelling for that song.) Last night I was thinking it was only 2 non-album songs but I guess I'm wrong.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Magnolia Electric Co at the Clubhouse ==> Cinemechanica at the Modified

I just saw Magnolia Electric Co at the Clubhouse and then Cinemechanica at Modified. Two totally different shows, both fantastic.

Jason brought out what looked like a setlist but upon further inspection turned out to be a list of all their songs. Well, almost. It included stuff from the 2003 album with an owl on it but nothing earlier (i.e. the stuff that is clearly Songs: Ohia material) as far as I could tell. Almost their entire setlist was from the album release a week and a half ago, though not "Don't Fade On Me" which was the one I had heard going in.

Someone yelled out "The Last 3 Humans Words" which is on the live album Trials and Errors recorded in 2003 and released in 2005. Jason's response: "Has it been that long since we've been through here?" Someone else yelled out for "Hard to Love a Man" and Jason responded "Ain't that the truth." The crowd was kinda quiet other than that (and clapping and such.) About 2/3 of the way through thier 40 minute set they played "Montgomery" from the new one which segued into "The Dark Don't Hide It" which is the only think they played which was released as of 2 weeks ago. Still quite wonderful, though.

Then I left, not sticking around for Jose Gonzalez (the headliner and the reason I was scared it would sell out), to see Cinemechnica. Such a good idea.

They are from Athens and they have two thunderingly powerful drummers (for most songs), two angular/mathy guitarists and a bassist. And several of the songs are long, I almost want to say venturing into post-rock territory but that seems misleading, their songs are not epic, there is no quiet build or lazy scrawl, this is pretty much all rocking and shredding. They played 30-35 and were glorious.

Go see them. Seriously.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Silversun Pickups and Viva Voce at the Modified

I just saw Silversun Pickups and Viva Voce.

LetDownRight opened, they are local. They were OK.

Silversun Pickups were ridiculous. They played all of the songs from that WOXY set and a few others. About 35-40 minutes in all.

Viva Voce were next. They were good too. They dedicated "Believer" to Dave Matthews for some unknown reason. They dedicated "From the Devil Himself" to me because they asked who had been to their last show at the Modified and I was the only one that responded (AFAIK) and also I was right up front and center.

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